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Bees swarms for sale

Price: €200.00

Available in 10-20 days from the order date

shipping cost is not included

Dear Beekeepers,

We are autorised beekeepers in Romania for multiplication (queens and swarms) can produce and deliver in any point of the Europe essaims=swarms up to 500 per season (our season april-august).

The price here is for one single swarm taked from Romania (5 langstoth frames(435X230 mm), inclusivly with 3 with brood and and 2 with honey) and young fecundet queen (apis melifera carpathica breed), in special box for travel with all travel taxes payed by us up to destination.

Single way of paying is by credit card on the site (Visa and/or mastercard), or pay pal, and/or by bancary transfer, in euro inclusivly, if you regist your's company on this web site and send to us e-mail with this request.

general information : swarm cost about 70 euro, special delivery box cost 15 euros, and average cost of delivery in europe is 55 euros per single box with bees.

Negociation is only from 100 swarms per year per client.

Delivery time july-august 2021

If you need,we can offer to you delivery based on the contract and bancary payment.

Attention platform what we use will add automaticaly one single cost of delivery to your's many products what you will whant to buy (example to 10 queens one sigle shipment cost) when you order many swarms, we are paying this cost to every of them, so when you will order 10 swarms, total cost to deliver will be 500/or 700 euros  (depend of what you choice on the delivery option) but automaticaly you will be debited by system for only one sigle delivery cost, so we recomend you to increase nr of swarms what you buy for to cover this cost.

Example of calculation:

you need 10 swarms of bees  to be delivered at your's home.

You choice 15 on the quantity to buy, select delivery (one sigle delivery cost will be add), so when you go to pay by pay pal (credit card are accepted there also) total amounth what are debited from your's card (1550 euro) will be enought to cover all cost with familys of bees and all delivery cost for 10 of them.

We have POS at beeyard so you can pay by your's credit card, and get delay from bank up to 55 days, or maybe longer depend of your's contract with your's bank.

We can also deliver bees at any of location inside of EU enumerated here:


We sugest to ask us about the desired location to deliver and we will offer you the neariest agency.

you can also ask by e-mail and get the most nearer location where we can deliver your's queens or swarms

our company is registered in Traces system so we can issue veterinary certificate for our goods for intracomunitary trade if your's company registered also there and we have couple of days available necesarry for that (minumum order for that is 1000 euro)

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Category: Bee Swarms and Familys

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor