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 Ecologic Honey with Ecologic seabuckthorn PASTE 440 gr images


Ecologic Honey with Ecologic seabuckthorn PASTE 440 gr

Price: €12.00

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This product is unique on the market due to the drying process of dryingbefore mixing. The polyphlorous honey used is alsonatural or organic and well matured before the extractionfrom the combs. White seabuckthorn is a real panacea. It has among other vitamins the highest content of vitamin E and C (14 times higher than lemon and twice as much as the famous maces). The antioxidant properties of the seabuckthorn recommend it to strengthen the immune system


Nutritional values  for 100 g

Energy value: 340 kcal

Cholesterol 0.0 g

Fats 0,0 g


Content for 100 g

Glucid 80 g

Protein 0.35 g

Substances. minerals 0.35 g

Vitamin B, C, K



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Product details

Category: Pure Honey and Bee products

Product weight: 1 lbs.

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor