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Phacelia Seeds for sale

Price: €27.50

Limited stock

shipping cost is not included

We are , like Beekeepers, love to culture Phacelia- his impact on the beehives is well know take in account 500-1500 kg per hectar of honey secreted per one blosoming period, blosoming during 40-50 days period, aditionaly you can programate well his blosomming in period when you need harvest- is easy to calculate- 60 days from insemination period start blosoming the main culture.

Aditionaly culture of facelia can be cultured 2-3 times per year on the same land (climatical conditions of Romania, and of cource in many EU countrys).. so is very cheap culture for generate the honey flow from organisated blosomming with low cost (because you inseminate only once the same land per year).

So you can buy this seeds (pay by pay pal or credit card) directly from the producer and you will receive the seeds everywhere in EU by normal post services (tracked parcel service) or by courier (depend of the destination and total weight) also trackimg service.

We produce couple of tonnes of the phacelia seeds but we can increase capacity of production if necesary.

Afished price (27.5 Euro) is per 5 kg of phacelia bag (minimal order available) once you pass to choicing of delivery options total choiced cost should be enought to cover all costs to deliver that bag to you. If you choice many bags of 5 kg we sugest you to use 40 kg like referent weight on witch normaly we store and deliver bigger weight of seeds, and once you choice the delivery options pleasee keep in mind fixed delivery fee is not enoght to cover of all weight over 5 kg, so be prepared we will send you later link on witch you will pay again the necesary difference, or please choice more packets of seeds and calculate aproximative delivery cost by 1.5-2 euro (depend on the country) per any aditional  kg of seeds over 5 kg.

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Category: Honey Blossoming plants

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor