About us

Carpathianquen.eu is web page of well know in Romania, autorised beekeeper witch is part of couple of associations.

bees are keept in protected area or Uricani https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C4%83durea_Uricani

or in protected area https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C4%83durea_B%C3%A2rnova

or in other protected area of nature for to give ecologically pure beekeeping products for his consumers.

Company is under Ecocert certification process for ecological production...

Bees are kept mainly in protected area like :

Natural Heritage from David’s Valley Hay Fields Natural Reserve, Iaşi  and Uricani Forest
 About David’s Valley Hay Fields Natural Reserve i can say that is situated in proximity of Iaşi city, in Moldavia, Romania. This area have a very important role in preserving the flora adapted to stepic condition. Particular microclimate and microhabitats of the reserve determinate a specific flora dominated by Festuco-Brometea Class. 


Uricani Forest is a protected area of scientific interest located in the middle hills region of the Moldavian Plateau, in the county of Iaşi. It is located in the village of Uricani-Miroslava, 8 km south of the city of Iasi;
Uricani forest was declared natural reserve in 1973, and recognized by the Iasi County Council Decision no. 8/1994.
 The most abundant tree species here are species of linden (Tilia tomentosa).  

Company is part of the Ecological production cooperative Bioprisaka: www.bioprisaka.ro
And is part of the cluster www.bionestcluster.ro  witch is also mainly focused in production of green, natural, and BIO food for the peuples...

Because company is fonded by veterinary, FOOD inginers and fytospecialists they always are able to offer you the best available locally posibility to pack yours FOOD project in external packing facilitys in Est of Europpe once you know well what final product what you whant to obtain at final exit line, with delivery to any main Airport or SEA Port of the world.