Shipping and returns

: Carpatian Bee Queens delivered directly to your's home from our On line Shop ( offers the following shipping methods:

  • Bulgaria and Hungary only, up to 1 kg weight only, Shipping in 3-5 days, 8 €, Free shipping for orders over 300 €
  • Traceable courier door to door, only for London, Shipping in 6-10 days, 30 €, Free shipping for orders over 2 000 €
  • Traceable solution courier everywhere in EU, Shipping in 3-5 days, 60 €

We don't return the live products, because they will not survive for 2 travels.

If you do the payment by mistake, no problem your's paypal account and/or credit card will be credited back in maximum one working day, with no cost to you.

If you have any question/problem with our live product how it was delivered (example couple dead queens etc. ) please make a photos of the problem with our package of the product in the second plan and we can decide to credit this nr of queens, next time when you order smaller volume, or your's account will be credit back with diference amount if you taked queens from courier fast after arriving at your's city, and you inform us about problem with photo by e-mail in maximum 12 houres after taking parcell from courier