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Mated, fecundet Carpathian queens available for sale with delivery everywhere in EU in packed of 20

Price: €17.00

Package price (20 pcs): €340.00

x 20  

Available in 2-3 days from the order date

shipping cost is not included

This product is available for sale only in sets of 20 pcs..

Here you can buy mated young, prolific Carpathian mated bee queens, marked with blue color with silicon point with number (each queens is individualised by his nr).

Way of order is everythink you pay before Wendersday is sended to your's country by air at monday (in 4 days from payement day), and before friday should be delivered with probability of 99.9% at your's adress.

You get tracking nr and way how to track parcell on line by e-mail once parcell leaved our facility.

Queens are taked from nucleuses at monday so they have minimal disconfort once they arrive at your's hives.

At this point delivery in UK (01.04.2021) are not clear ..... if they can be arranged

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Product details

Category: Bee Queens

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor