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 Mated Carpathian Bee Queens delivery everywhere in EU for sale images


Mated Carpathian Bee Queens delivery everywhere in EU for sale

Price: €19.00

Available in 2-3 days from the order date

shipping cost is not included

Dear Beekeepers, we are beekeepers from Romania, we keep apis melifera carpathica bees and deliver queen bees here in Romania.If you are intrested in stable and serious suplier of Carpathian queens we are delignered to deliver them to everywhere in EU.The condition of delivery is like folow:

1. You log on on our web site, and register with delivery and invoicing adress.

2. Make order on line and pay by pay pal or credit card, all order processed before Friday are delivered from us at next monday, and arrive at your's adress at thursday and Friday next week. First deliverys at this price start from 1 july of every year, for more early deliverys please buy owervintered Queens available on this web site.

3. Price per Queen is 25 Euro at start of our season, and 15 euro at the end of the season, all taxez includet, for to be delivered in EU minimal order should have 200 Euro valor. Delivery cost is fixed to 20 to 70 Euro per parcell (depend of destination country- you choice the delivery options) and will be aded to total cost when you pass to delivery options.

4.Once wie puth the parcell at courier/post, you will get e-mail on english where is indicated, data of courier prelevation, awb/track and trace nr by witch parcell is individualised and where you can trace it, and know where it is, once parcel appear to be shipt from Romania you can call your's courier/post to ask based on awb/track and trace nr when it will be delivered to you Our volume of delivery is 3000 mated queens per season, in 2020

If you need we can offer to you delivery based on the contract and bancary payment, and/or ciclic delivery (couple of hundreds of mated queens in every week).

Carpathian Breed of bees is a part of the Carniolian breed of bees, just a litle less swarming, and faster develop like Carniolian in the start of summer, honey yeld and calmness are the same like in case of carniolian breed of bees

We have POS at beeyard so you can pay by your's credit card, and get delay from bank up to 55 days, or maybe longer depend of your's contract with your's bank.

If you for somme reason don't like delivery of queens at your's adress we can deliver parcell with queens at any adress enumerated here:


Or we can use by the way of DHL International- the most expecive but the most fast and secure option

you can also ask by e-mail and get the most nearer location where we can deliver your's queens or swarms

our company is registered in Traces system so we can issue veterinary certificate for our goods for intracomunitary trade if your's company registered also there and we have couple of days available necesarry for that (minumum order for that is 1000 euro).

If you have trip in Romania you can see our stock between 12:00 to 16:00 Monday-Friday here:

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Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor