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 Pure RAW Natural Romanian Honey from Bees, no processing, no atibiotics, just Quality images


Pure RAW Natural Romanian Honey from Bees, no processing, no atibiotics, just Quality

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This product is available for sale only in sets of 27 pcs..

Because we are Beekeepers with Tradition (over 20 years in the Beekeeping here in Romania) we own 240 family of bees, and our good frends have about 1000 hives, we produce a lot of honey and partly deliver it and sell it here in Romania (premium market).

Of cource we have stocks of pure honey for to deliver it during entire year to market.

you are interested to buy pure, natural , raw honey directly from producer and to avoid reseler network witch many times decrease the quality of product and increase the cost you can order directly from this our electronic shop

Delivery is donne in EU by one courier service teel the main citys in Europe, UK inclusivly..

We can share CHARM II testing results available for testing per every source of honey and every batch of honey what we take in our system.

Adreses and contact data of the offices of network in EU to witch we can assure delivery averywhere in EU will be shared by e-mail at request.

We can also deliver in 5 and 20 litters pails of alimentary material so you can be sure of low risk for the recipient and honey in the way and you can be sure for quality of the delivered product.

Waiting for orders with best consideration www.carpathianqueen.eu

We have POS at beeyard so you can pay by your's credit card, and get delay from bank up to 55 days, or maybe longer depend of your's contract with your's bank.

We can deliver botled or bulk honey (minimal order for bulk delivery is 30 kg) at any adress what is mentionated here:


unfortunatly this company can't deliver ordered parcell to your's adress so take in account you should personaly visit they office for to take your's parcell, once you will send us e-mail before order we can share with you the most neariest office, and we can confirm for you total delivery cost for you and share on the web site the necesary option to be payed by credit card or pay pal (because standart available option cover delivery cost only for parcell with maximum 2 kg weight)

mentionated price is per kg of honey in minimal batch of 2 plastic pails of 13.5 kg each.

If you have trip in Romania you can see our stock between 12:00 to 16:00 Monday-Friday here:

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Product details

Category: Pure Honey and Bee products

Product weight: 2 lbs.

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor