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 Acacia Honey with Dandelion 440 gr images

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Acacia Honey with Dandelion 440 gr

Price: 10 €

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Acacia honey is a liquid honey of honey consistency viscous, clear, transparent, with shades from colorless to pale straw or light yellow, depending on the pollen from which it was harvested, fine taste, delicate, absolutely delicious. Acacia honey, in combination with dandelion, offers multiple benefits to the consumer. Honey with a percentage of dandelion, can be used as an adjunct for treatments of common illnessesNutritional values  for 100 g


Energy value: 340 kcal

Cholesterol 0.0 g

Fats 0,0 g

Content for 100 g

Glucid 80 g

Protein 0.35 g

Substances. minerals 0.35 g

Vitamin B, C, K




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Product details

Category: Pure Honey and Bee products

Product weight: 1 lbs.

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor