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 Raw Natural pure Tilia (linden) Honey in pails of 10 litters (13.5 kg) images


Raw Natural pure Tilia (linden) Honey in pails of 10 litters (13.5 kg)

Price: €90.00

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Directly from the producer and processor we can offer to you this pails of 10 litters(13.5 kg) with cristalized, pure, unprocessed in any way, extracted, stored, botled and delivered by single company in one place pure natural honey of Tilia(linden) , produced in Romanian Forest region of Moldova (near by iasi City).

By couple of courier company we can assure delivery to your's adress but please for the best offer of delivery price please e-mail us first and maybe we can find better price like 60 Euro per pail, in your's city (you don't pay notthink to the delivering courier).

We can offer lab results fizicochimic and Charm II for this batch and any other batch. Price is per 10 litter pail.

If you have trip in Romania you can see our stock between 12:00 to 16:00 Monday-Friday here:

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Product details

Category: Pure Honey and Bee products

Product weight: 30 lbs.

Manufacturer: II Nicolai Victor